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John Reynolds is proud to have contributed to the following releases:

Year       Artist                                     Title                                                      credits

1979       The Bolivians                      self titled 45rpm EP                           guitar, vocals
1981       The Secrets                        45rpm single                                       producer, guitar, vocals
1985       Ram                                     45rpm single                                      guitar, keys
1992       John Reynolds                   Pay No Attention                                 producer, engineer, songwriter,
                                                            (digital release 2010)                        all instruments and vocals
1997       Zun  Zun                               Flabbergasted                                   producer, mix eng, guitar, bass,                                                                                                                           vocals
1997       Pele Juju                              Live!                                                   producer, mix eng
1998       Saniel Bonder                    The Nectar                                          recording, mix eng, mastering
2000       Ukulele Dick                       Ukulele Dick                                       guitar
2000       Rory Kosh                            Fly On                                                 recording, mix eng, mastering
2000       Rory Kosh                            Fallen Kisses                                    recording, mix eng, mastering
2000       ChuChuMbe                       ChuChuMbe                                       producer, mix eng, mastering
2001       David Winters                    Smooth And Quirky                           mastering
2001       Times Square                     Times Square                                   producer, mix eng, mastering
2001       Zun Zun                               Sea, Land And Sky                           producer, mix eng,
2002       Ukulele Dick                       The Ukulele Dick Story                     writing, arranging, keys, bass,                                                                                                                         vocals, producing, mastering
2004       Bossa Nouveau                 You’re Not The Bossa Me               mastering
2004       Christine Young Band      Mischief                                              producer, mix eng, mastering
2004       Matilda Catches Fire        Matilda Catches Fire                        mastering
2004       Zun Zun                                Beachcomber                                  procucer, mix eng, mastering,
                                                                                                                        guitar, bass
2004       Every American Votes    The Lying King                                    mastering
2005       Scott Fisher                        Scott Fisher                                      recording
2005       Julia Korena                       Julia Korena                                      producing, mix eng, mastering,                                                                                                                                        guitar, synth
2005       Rum And Rebellion          Rum And Rebellion                            mastering
2005       The Koz                             Hard River Blues                                mastering
2005       Russell Stafford                Freshwater                                          mastering
2005       James Alred                     James Alred                                       producer, mix eng, bass, keys,                                                                                                                         mastering
2006       Vivid Curve                         Live At Edgefield                              mastering                           
2006       The Dead Beetles            The Dead Beetles                             producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,                                                                                                                          vocals, mastering
2006       The Gil Reynolds Trio      The Gil Reynolds Trio                        producer, mix eng, mastering
2006       Lander                               Orange Chrome Sky                         mastering
2007       Noah Peterson                 Duos And Trios                                  recording
2007       Vivid Curve                        Synesthesia                                       producer, mix eng, guitar, bass,                                                                                                                         keys, vocals, mastering
2007       Sketchy Ted                      Now You Know                                  mastering
2007       Greg Thelen                      Enough Thunder                                mix eng, mastering
2008       Hollow Dog                        Hollow Dog                                        producer, mix eng, vocals,                                                                                                                         mastering
2008       The Dead Beetles            Sending You A Postcard                  producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,                                                                                                                         bass, keys, vocals, mastering
2008       Bhagavan Das                   Love Songs To The Dark Lord       recording, mix eng, mastering
2009       James Faretheewell         Faretheewell                                      producer, mix eng, bass, keys,                                                                                                                                         vocals, mastering
2009       Bossa Nouveau                 Duos And Trios                                 recording, mix eng, mastering
2009       Bossa Nouveau                 Almo Do Brasil                                  recording, mix eng, mastering

2010      The Bonobo Champions    The Bonobo Champions                 producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,                                                                                                                           bass, keys, vocals, mastering
     Thumptown                           Move That Thing                              producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,
                (released as six digital singles)                                                    keys, vocals, mastering
2012       The Dead Beetles              Little Monsters                                  producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,
                 (digital only release)                                                                     keys, vocals, mastering
2012      John Reynolds                    Love Yourself                                     producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,
                 (digital only release)                                                                     bass, keys, vocals, mastering
2014      John Reynolds                   Oh Yeah!                                             producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,
                 (digital only release)                                                                     bass, keys, vocals, mastering
2018      John Reynolds                   Anthropic                                             producer, songwriter, mix eng,
                 (digital only release)                                                                     keys, mastering
  John Reynolds                   Gratified                                              producer, songwriter, mix eng, guitar,
                 (digital only release)                                                                     bass, keys, vocals, mastering



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